Germans were outraged by Russian cucumbers on the shelves in Poland Russian News EN

Berliner Zeitung: Russian cucumbers and tomatoes in Poland surprised the Germans

Despite massive Western sanctions against RFvegetables from Russian flower beds and greenhouses are sold in Polanddeliveries are made regularly. This fact surprised and outraged the locals. Germany. On this subject writing Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

European Union imposed many sanctions against Russia because of its special operation on Ukraine. But now cheap Russian vegetables have appeared on the Polish markets. What does it mean?” – the publication asks a question.

The article notes that dozens of trucks carrying vegetables from the Russian Federation regularly arrive at the Polish wholesale market in Bronisze. At the same time, Russian cucumbers are sold here cheaper than similar products from the EU, which have recently become more expensive. At the same time, as one of the sellers told reporters, Russian products have all the necessary certificates and permits.

Meanwhile, in Germany, food prices have risen sharply and prices continue to rise. According to the publication, this happens for several reasons. First, farmers are still struggling with skyrocketing electricity costs. Second, the Institute for Economic Research recently reported supply shortages and price wars between manufacturers and distributors. “Ultimately, consumers pay for the markup,” the publication concludes.

Early March Poland predicted “price apocalypse” in the fruit and vegetable market due to rising energy prices.

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