German company fined millionth for supplying hammer to Russia Russian News EN

SWR: German company fined 1.3 million euros for supplying hydraulic hammer for Crimean bridge

The district court of the German city of Kiel has imposed a fine of 1.3 million euros on a local company which, contrary to the sanctions, delivered to Russia specialized hydraulic hammer. The unit was used for the construction of the Crimean Bridge. About this with reference to the result of the application of the radio station Sudwestrundfunk to the prosecutor’s office informed focus.

The department representative stressed that the delivery cannot be attributed to a misunderstanding. Company employees professionally accompanied the use of construction tools, so we are talking about a violation of sanctions restrictions.

The court’s decision involves the confiscation of all property obtained as a result of this crime, that is, the price of the hammer and services. In addition, the entrepreneur was fined 18,000 euros. The company name is not disclosed.

The crime was committed in 2016, when Russia began construction of a bridge in Crimea. The facility was inaugurated in 2018. Sanctions were imposed on Crimea after its annexation to Russia, which occurred in 2014. European countries do not recognize the referendum, which resulted in a corresponding decision.

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