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Izvestia: the share of Russian laptops in the market has increased to 9%

Russian laptop makers more than doubled their domestic market share in 2022. to write “News”.

According to the publication, in physical terms, it stood at 9% compared to 4% in 2021. In 2020, this figure delivered 3 percent.

It is worth noting that many manufacturers have entered the market for the first time. For example, Raybook, which entered the top 10 in terms of shipments, overtaking Dell. By the end of last year, it was producing 150,000 laptops.

The representative of F-Plus Mobile stated that the growth in demand for national brands was associated, on the one hand, with the instability of the supply of known A-brands under the parallel import regime, with the absence of a product on the market Russiaand secondly, with the fact that Russian manufacturers can offer regular deliveries.

Previously reportedthat distributors and manufacturers of household appliances have built up large stocks of products in warehouses in Russia.

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