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Specialist Myasoedov said that you can detect wiretapping in an apartment using a phone

Director of the company IT-Reserve Pavel Myasoedov in an interview with the Prime agency appointed a way to detect wiretapping in an apartment using a telephone.

According to Myasoedov, it is worth starting with a visual inspection of the premises. Unusual objects, wires leading into the void or deformations on the glass surfaces should arouse suspicion, according to the specialist.

“If the questionable area is hidden behind an opaque surface, you can move a nearby Bluetooth speaker or a working radio. Interference in the sound will indicate a possible wiretap,” Myasoedov clarified.

The cameras can be detected using a smartphone. It is necessary to turn off the light in the room and shine a lantern in every corner. If the light is refracted somewhere, it’s likely the recording equipment is there, the expert said.

“If the device is equipped with a night shooting function, then most often an infrared light is built into it. It is visible in complete darkness or through the camera of your gadget, ”concluded the specialist.

Earlier Russians warned on the dangers of digital dementia due to gadgets. The inability to organize and spend free time without them testifies to the addiction to gadgets, a psychiatrist-psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences is sure Anna Zotova.

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