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American futurist Kurzweil said people will become immortal by 2030

Humanity can gain immortality by 2029-2030. Such a forecast was given by the American futurist and computer scientist Raymond Kurzweil. The Telegram channel talks about it Science|Science.

According to the scientist, by this time people will be able to “increase life expectancy by more than a year every year.” He also suggested that in the near future, nanobots will help people get rid of diseases. Thanks to this, mankind will seriously increase life expectancy and later become immortal, said the futurist.

By 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will reach technological singularity and also begin to develop independently, Kurzweil said. Over time, artificial intelligence will reach the same level as human intelligence. According to the futurist, in seven years the process of merging a person with AI will begin. And by 2045, a generation of cyborgs will be created.

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The scientist suggested that such processes will lead to an increase in brain capacity ten thousand times. Thus, the new group of people will not only have a longer life expectancy, but will also be more intellectually developed.

February 19 Futurologist Alexander Kononov declaredthat one of the main threats to the integration of artificial intelligence into society could be a sharp increase in unemployment. This will be due to the fact that modern technologies will make a number of professions unclaimed. This problem can be solved by the constant personal development of a person, as well as by social guarantees.

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