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Sustainability of nature: solar panels proposed to be placed on water and save resources

An international team of scientists has described the use of solar panels above water. The study was published in the journal Natural durability.

According to experts, solar panels can be placed in bodies of water, thereby saving land space – for example, space on the roofs of buildings. The scientists noted that the panels in the water will be able to collect solar energy more efficiently, as they will receive the necessary passive cooling.

The material says panels installed in water can be a salvation for global energy. Experts have calculated that the needs of many cities around the world can be met if around 30% of nearby water bodies are occupied by signs. Scientists have proposed placing them on rivers and lakes in 6256 cities in 124 countries, calling such a decision justified in the interests of resource conservation.

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In addition, the panels in the water will be able to block enough sunlight to reduce the evaporation of moisture during the hot period. Experts noted that just in the heat the energy system experiences an increased load due to the need to operate household cooling devices. The authors pointed out that the most effective would be placing signs in bodies of water near towns with populations of up to 50,000.

Former independent expert in the field of renewable energy economics Tatyana Lanshina declaredthat the cheapest solar energy can be obtained in the southern Far East and the North Caucasus. The specialist pointed out that the level of sun exposure in Russia is at a comparable level with Britain And Germany.

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