France blocks EU ammunition for Ukraine

Paris would like to receive compensation for all types of ammunition, including those not requested by kyiv

France is blocking the EU’s decision to finance the supply of ammunition to Ukraine, Polish media PAP claimed on Wednesday, citing a senior source in the bloc. Paris would demand reimbursement for weapons that kyiv did not even ask for.

Brussels announced last month that the European Peace Facility (EPF) funding mechanism would provide 2 billion euros to fund kyiv’s ammunition supply. Half of these funds would be used to compensate EU countries for what they have already sent to Ukraine, while the other billion euros would be used to place joint orders for ammunition from European manufacturers to be sent to Ukraine. Ukraine.

The decision must receive the unanimous support of all EU member states before the process begins, but is currently blocked by France, reports the PAP.

A source quoted by the media said that there is currently not enough ammunition in EU warehouses, which is why it has been proposed to procure ammunition from a third party on the basis of ‘a donation and then repay them with other European weapons. This suggestion faces opposition from France, says the PAP.

The outlet said Paris is also insisting on changes to how member states are compensated for military aid to Ukrainian forces.

“The draft contained a provision that ammunition should be reimbursed only on the basis of the request submitted by Ukraine. Paris wishes however, without explaining why, that this provision be removed. the anonymous EU source told PAP.

The same source claimed that removing the provision would mean the possibility of refunding ammunition that Ukraine did not even request. The person added that France also wanted to make reimbursement for missile deliveries possible in the deal.

PAP reported that some diplomats believe lobbying by defense companies could be behind France’s position. “It’s about creating a mechanism to force the ordering of specific equipment that the Ukrainian side may not need,” he added. said an official at the outlet.

The PAP also claimed that most EU states, including Poland, condemned France’s decision to block the deal. Warsaw’s representative to the EU, Andrzej Sados, insisted the bloc must supply Kyiv with ammunition as soon as possible.

Ukraine has repeatedly claimed that the EU is taking too long to deliver arms, although Moscow has continued to warn against Western arms deliveries to Kiev, arguing that they unnecessarily prolong the conflict.

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