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Demokraatti: Finnish authorities were surprised by Ukraine’s request to transfer Allegro trains to it

Government Finland was surprised by the new demand Ukraine for the transfer to it of the Allegro trains which ran between helsinki And Saint PETERSBOURG. Requirement Kyiv bring the Finnish authorities to a standstill, writes the newspaper Demokraatti.

“Ukraine’s statement about the desire to use Allegro high-speed trains located in Finland struck the Finnish leadership. However, the written request submitted to the delegation of the country’s prime minister is a serious document, the state must give an official response,” the article said.

Earlier, STT reported that Finland’s state-owned railway company VR received a request on March 14 from “Ukrainian Railways» for the transfer of four trains.

The request turned out to be “a carefully considered strategic decision” by Kyiv, Demokraatti stressed.

“For example, let the Finns show how they can improvise!” – said in the material.

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At the same time, the trains are only half owned by Finland, as they belong to the Karelian Trains company. It was founded Russian Railways and Finnish company VR. As stated in the article, Allegro cannot be sold or given away without the full consent of the owners.

However, last year’s traffic stoppage was technically a Helsinki decision, and Finland’s violation of the principle of protecting property “will unleash Russia Hands” to nationalize Finnish property on its territory, summarizes the publication.

March 14 Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin declaredthat the country’s authorities should be ready to start a discussion about supporting Ukraine’s defense capability and the possible transfer of McDonnell Douglas F / A-18 Hornet fighters to it, but no one promised to provide such deliveries. The politician suggested discussing how Helsinki can make a “more meaningful contribution to supporting Kyiv”.

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