Facebook blocks RT Arabic — RT Russia and the former Soviet Union

The channel’s manager says the platform took down the page, which had millions of subscribers, without any warning

RT Arabic’s Facebook page has apparently been deleted without any justification and without prior warning, Maya Manna, the channel’s manager, announced on Wednesday.

At this time, anyone trying to access the page will receive a message telling them that “This content is not available at the moment.” Facebook has yet to issue an official statement on the removal of the channel, which had more than 17 million subscribers.

Writing on his Telegram channel, Manna noted that the blocking of the page proved that the era of free internet was over and now there was only “total censorship and blocking”. She pointed out that since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in February 2022, all RT channels have been removed from YouTube and Google News and Europeans have been banned from accessing RT content on social media. , greatly reducing the coverage of the channel.

“Apparently that’s not enough – the very fact that we exist doesn’t allow them to sleep peacefully. Well, live with insomnia! she wrote.

RT and its affiliates, along with other Russian media considered “state-controlled”, have also faced a number of challenges since the start of Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine. RT Germany and RT France have had their bank accounts frozen, while the European Commission has ordered a block-wide ban on all RT channels and websites.

Moscow has called the West’s crackdown on Russian media an act of censorship, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov calling it a “attack on freedom of expression and freedom of the media” in Europe.

In response to the bans and restrictions, Russia has in turn blocked access to the websites of some state-funded Western media, including the BBC and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Russian authorities also ordered German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle to close its office in Moscow, stripped it of its press accreditation and listed the network as a foreign agent.

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