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Oil transport company says it has uncovered evidence of a plot to attack the pipeline supplying the EU with oil

Workers from Russian pipeline company Transneft reportedly found several explosive devices at the Novozybkov oil pumping station of its Druzhba pipeline in the Bryansk region near Ukraine, according to company spokesman Igor Demin .

Speaking to TASS, he said on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning the devices were found in plastic crates destroyed from non-industrial production with a striking warhead in the shape of steel balls.

“Presumably the destruction of the crates occurred after hitting the ground in a drone drop”, suggested Demin. He added that on Wednesday afternoon another explosive device was dropped from a UAV, “probably similar to the other two [devices].”

At the same time, the representative of Transneft pointed out that the Novozybkov pumping station did not work for the whole of 2023, and its reserve tanks are completely empty.

Demin said that given the nature of the striking elements found in the explosives – small steel balls – the organizers of the sabotage probably did not intend to destroy the facility but rather wanted to kill personnel. civilian serving Druzhba station.

The person noted that an investigation is currently underway and no one at the Novozybkov facility was injured.

The Druzhba (Friendship) pipeline is one of the longest in the world and connects the eastern parts of Russia to several points in Europe, including Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Germany. However, the pipeline has been repeatedly attacked by kyiv forces since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine.

The latest attack was reported on February 1, when Demin reported that a missile had landed on the territory of the Novozybkov station but ultimately caused no damage or injured any of the workers. On February 3, another attack was reported by media outlet Mash, but Transneft said it had no information about this supposed incident and the pipeline was operating normally.

The segment apparently targeted by Ukraine is about 39 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border and leads in the direction of Belarus, where it splits into two sections, one to Germany and Poland and the other to Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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