EU country has been accused of slowing Ukraine’s shell replenishment plan Russian News EN

Telegraph: France accused of blocking EU plan to replenish Ukrainian shells

France accused of blocking the plan European Union (EU) for artillery shell resupply Ukraine, since Paris requires ammunition to be produced within the bloc. A British newspaper talks about it Telegraph referring to European sources.

According to the publication, France wants to be assured that the two billion euro agreement for joint arms purchases will only benefit companies based in the European Union.

One of the newspaper’s interlocutors said that Greece And Cyprus supported the Paris proposal to exclude companies from non-EU countries from the procurement system in order to prevent Turkish companies from bidding for contracts.

Formerly Bloomberg reportedthat the European Union is at an impasse on the issue of supplying Ukraine with 155 mm caliber NATO shells. Ammunition needed by Ukraine is produced in 11 countries NATOHowever, according to sources, it is unclear whether the companies will be able to increase production to the required volumes in the coming months.

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