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Egyptian authorities plan to introduce a five-year tourist visa worth $700

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Egypt plans to introduce a five-year tourist visa for citizens of 180 countries. The newspaper writes about the change in visa rules Egyptian streets.

Thus, the authorities of the popular resort country will stimulate the development of the local tourist industry. According to the publication, such a visa will be valid for five years, and its cost will be 700 dollars (about 54,000 rubles).

Even if travelers already have a valid Egyptian visa, they can still obtain a five-year visa at Egyptian airports. It should be noted that the authorities expect to attract more tourists to the country from PRC, UNITED STATES, Britain, Türkiye and the Schengen countries.

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Currently, a single-entry visa for Egypt can be obtained online for $25 (1.9 thousand rubles). It allows vacationers to stay in the country for up to 30 days. The cost of a 90-day multiple-entry visa is $60 (4,600 rubles). At the same time, the maximum period of stay is also limited to one month.

former government Vietnam approved extension of the visa-free regime for citizens of several countries, including Russians. The period of visa-free stay for tourists from certain countries will be extended from 15 to 45 days.

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