Death of the writer Eduard Bagirov — Meduza

Writer Eduard Bagirov has died aged 47. Bagirov’s death is reported, in particular, News from Varlamov And Margaret Simonian.

Varlamov News, citing sources, writes that “last week the writer was in a coma, all his organs were deprived.”

Bagirov became famous in 2007 after the release of the novel “Guest Worker”. Among his other works are the novels The Lovers (2008) and The Idealist (2010). He also wrote scripts for the movie “Onegin” and the TV series “Ashes”.

In addition to literary activities, Bagirov was actively involved in politics. He was a confidant of Vladimir Putin during the 2012 elections, and in 2016 he ran for the State Duma from the Patriots of Russia party.

In 2015, in Moldova, Bagirov was sentenced in absentia to five years in prison for organizing mass riots in 2009, during protests in Chisinau against the results of the legislative elections.

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