Death of Israeli writer Meir Shalev – Meduza

Israeli writer and publicist Meir Shalev died on April 11 at the age of 74, according to the newspaper Yediot Ahronot, where he worked as a columnist.

Shalev deceased after a long illness, he was diagnosed with cancer, clarifies

Condolences were expressed by Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog: “What a pity that we are no longer waiting for a new book by Meir Shalev, which will change our life and make it fuller and richer.

Meir Shalev was born in 1948 into the family of Israeli writer Yitzhak Shalev. In the 1970s he rose to fame as a television and radio host. In 1988, Shalev’s first novel, The Russian Novel, about the arrival of Jews from Russia in Israel, was published and became a bestseller. Among his other works are the novels “Esav” (1991), “As a few days” (1994), “The dove and the boy” (2006).

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