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Daily Mail: Deadly blue-ringed octopus bit Australian woman

A deadly poisonous octopus with blue rings has bitten a visitor to a popular beach in Australia. city ​​of sydney, New South Wales. On this subject informed Daily mail.

While relaxing, a 30-year-old woman picked up a seashell. A ten-centimeter blue-ringed octopus fell from it and bit the Aussie twice in the stomach.

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Eyewitnesses called the emergency services on the beach, who provided first aid to the injured. They applied a cold compress to the bite area as she complained of stomach pain. After that, the woman was hospitalized. His condition is considered stable.

“Blue-ringed octopuses rarely bite, but they are extremely venomous,” said NSW Ambulance spokesman Christian Holmes. The venom of this small clam is enough to kill more than 20 people.

Blue-ringed octopuses have lived in the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean since Japan Before Australia. They have a rather aggressive nature and when disturbed will attack creatures of all sizes, including humans. Octopuses bite the victim, injecting poisonous saliva into the wound. It causes paralysis, respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest from lack of oxygen. Currently, there is no antidote to their poison. Blue-ringed octopuses generally only bite if they feel threatened or removed from their natural habitat.

Previously reportedthat in the Australian city of Sydney, New South Wales, a girl accidentally put a poisonous blue-ringed octopus under her bathing suit and scared her mother. The man who filmed the incident took the poisonous snail to a deserted part of the beach and released it into the wild.

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