Consequences of leaked secret documents for Biden and Trump assessed Russian News EN

Americanist Dudakov: leak of secret Pentagon documents damages US reputation

Leak of classified documents Pentagon cause damage to reputation US administration and in general UNITED STATES, said American political scientist Malek Dudakov. In a conversation with, he assessed the consequences of the publication of documents for the current US president Joe Biden and former American leader donald trump.

Earlier, we learned that the senator US Congress chuck schumer asked holding a secret briefing, the main subject of which will be the leakage of documents from the Pentagon concerning Ukraine.

There will be no particular consequences for Trump. Because it doesn’t affect him directly. And that doesn’t apply directly to Biden.

Malek DudakovAmerican political scientist

“The leak occurred, according to available information, from the Pentagon and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. These are institutions that are officially subordinate to Biden, but still operate independently of the White House. Therefore, this precisely damages their reputation, ”Dudakov is convinced.

At the same time, the Americanist noted that the release of short-term secret documents could affect US relations with its closest allies. Because these documents talk about American surveillance of Britain, Israelbehind South Korea and for Ukraine.

“It’s no secret that America watches its allies. We’ve known this since the phone drying scandal. [бывшего канцлера ФРГ] Angela Merkel ten years ago. But this is yet another confirmation. And we see dissatisfaction from Israel and South Korea, who denounce the United States,” the political scientist said.

Many are threatening America with less intelligence sharing. And I admit that it can really happen

Malek DudakovAmerican political scientist

“So here I would say this: on the world stage, this damages the reputation of the Biden administration and Washington in general. But as for the internal political struggle, it affects to a lesser extent,” Dudakov concluded.

About the Leak of Classified Pentagon Documents became known April 7. They contain, among other things, information on American projects and NATO on strengthening the Ukrainian army and on the state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

Also in the docs content information on deepening intelligence cooperation Russia And United Arab Emirates. In particular, US spies allegedly overheard Russian intelligence officials bragging about persuading the UAE to work together against US intelligence agencies and Britain. It was noted that in this regard, Washington fears that the United Arab Emirates will allow Russia and its citizens to disrupt the sanctions imposed in the context of the Ukrainian conflict.

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