Communication between two belugas captured on video: Nature: Mon pays:

A resident of Primorye captured the sounds that two white whales made in Slavyansky Bay on video

A resident of Primorye videotaped the communication of two large Mormleks. The corresponding post was published in Telegram-channel on fishing and aquaculture “Trepang DV”.

The sounds of belugas were recorded in the Slavyansky bay of the Khasansky district. The video captured two mammals that swam to the post’s boat. Released footage shows the animals trying to bite into the ship’s engine. “It’s a piece of iron, it has no taste,” joked the Russian.

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Additionally, the operator was startled by the quiet squeak emitted by the Mormleks. “What are you doing here?” – he commented on what was happening, trying in parallel to caress one of the individuals.

In September 2022 at Kopeisk Safe who came to investigative committee goats. One of the witnesses filmed the animals that presented themselves to the investigation committee. At first, the goats stood on the porch of the facility, then descended and circled the building several times. “Apparently they came for help, after all the investigators are sitting there. Maybe they will find their owners, ”said the author of the video.

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