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Whitney Cummings is doing god’s work.

Though she’s got what she refers to as “hillbilly DNA,” the 39-year-old comedian, actress, and podcaster is the master of exploring modern womanhood through a lens that is both gut-busting and pretty fucking grim.

She warns single women about dating nerds because they could end up being either Elon Musk or someone who has shelves of figurines who can’t afford to pay for dinner because their money is all “tied up in Bitcoin,’’ and she describes the fear of being a woman walking alone to her car with keys between her fingers like a “shitty Wolverine.”

Then there’s the bit about the struggle to be taken seriously amid the #MeToo movement: “Um, they give a shit about us all of a sudden, and we have absolutely no practice being listened to,” she says in her fourth Netflix special, Can I Touch It? “So we need to level the fuck up right now.…