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Environmental organizations sued Biden over decision to approve ConocoPhillips project

Several environmental organizations have sued the president UNITED STATES Joe Biden due to its decision to approve the ConocoPhillips project, in which the northwest Alaska there will be wells for the production of oil and gas. This is reported Policy.

The lawsuit notes that the drill sites are planned to be built in a sensitive environment. According to the organizations, the wells will significantly affect the quality of water, air, as well as the lives of people and animals in the area. Environmental activists said the project’s approval violates four environmental laws, despite the Bureau of Land Management narrowing its original scope.

The organizations accused the agency of failing to assess the damage the project would cause to Alaska Native lands. The lawsuit also alleges that the Fish and Wildlife Service failed to properly consider the sinks’ potential impact on endangered species, including polar bears.

The field will be developed by a subsidiary of ConocoPhillips Willow. According to calculations, oil production will be about 600 million barrels, and greenhouse gas emissions – 280 million tons per year.

In September 2022, six US states turned in court with charges against Biden, the Department of Education and its leader Miguel Cardona of overstepping their powers due to the decision to forgive some Americans’ student debt. The plaintiffs said the president has no right to release millions of people from the obligation to pay the debts they have voluntarily assumed.

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