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Dezeen: designer Tom Dixon has proposed the creation of a UN for climate science

Designer Tom Dixon, who mainly deals with the creation of lighting and furniture, proposed to mankind to create another United Nations (UN). The ministry will deal exclusively with issues related to climate change. This is reported Dezeen.

The publication began producing a series of podcasts, the first issue of which was devoted to sustainable development. Speaking to Jennifer Khan, editor of Dezeen Design, Dickson said the only way to solve the climate problem is through the joint efforts of designers, consumers and customers.

“For this to work, everyone has to be involved. A universal approach is needed. We need the United Nations for climatology. Change won’t happen until people are forced to act collectively,” the designer said.

Former UN Secretary General António Guterres declaredthat humanity is unreasonably consuming water resources. The organization urged the authorities of the countries to better distribute the resource.

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