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REO wanted to tighten control over ash disposal

IN Russia wanted to strengthen control over the disposal of one type of waste and prohibit citizens from disposing of the ashes with the rest of the garbage. The Russian environmental operator (REO) sent such a proposal to Minstroyreport “News”.

The REO noted that mishandling of ashes is a serious problem. The smaller particles it contains can heat already cooled coals until they burn, so this type of waste remains flammable for more than a day. Often the ashes cause fires in garbage containers and garbage trucks in the private residential sector.

According to the February-March results, the REO saw an increase in the number of fire reports of garbage trucks, cars, residential buildings and other objects due to improper disposal of smoldering ashes. Within a month, dozens of such cases occurred in various Russian regions.

In February, it was reported that the REO will start tracking dumps using satellites. The new practice will make it possible to register illegal accumulations of waste and carry out operational monitoring of fires in the facilities.

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