China has called the United States the guardians of the key to resolving the Ukrainian crisis Russian News EN

Global Times: The key to solving the Ukrainian crisis is in the hands of the United States and the West

The key to resolving the Ukrainian crisis is in the hands of UNITED STATES and western countries, no China. On this subject said in an op-ed in the Chinese government publication Global Times.

The publication notes that if the United States and Western countries continue to create trouble instead of cooperating, efforts to bring peace and facilitate negotiations are unlikely to be effective.

The authors of the article note that the upcoming visit of the President Xi Jinping V Russia, scheduled for March 20-22, will also be a world tour. “China is one of the few great powers capable of building a bridge of communication between Russia and Ukraine. This is all the more valuable as the two sides in the conflict are at an impasse,” the publication said.

However, Chinese journalists note that China is not the cause of the Ukrainian crisis and is not a party to it.

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