Children found a dozen dead dogs near a school in Chechnya Russian News EN

Mash Gor: in Chechnya, children found a dozen dead dogs in a dump near a school in the village of Kalinin

IN Chechnya the children found a dozen dead dogs in a dump near the school. Video with dead animals published Telegram-Mash Gor channel.

In the footage, among construction debris and branches, dog carcasses lightly dusted with dirt can be seen. Judging by the file, the corpses have not yet entered the active phase of decomposition. Most of the animals that can be seen in the video are mongrels.

According to the channel, the burial in the village of Kalinin under Grozny no more than a week. After the children found the dogs and called the adults, the place was scrutinized by the public. They concluded that all the animals showed signs of violent death. It is possible that other people were killed. The prosecution is looking for the culprit, write the authors of the post.

A similar incident occurred in June 2022 in the Moscow district of Tushino. Locals discovered there are dozens of dead cats and dogs in the pond in Bratsevo park. The images they took show the surface of the reservoir strewn with dead animals in varying degrees of decomposition. According to the woman who made the discovery, there are both skeletons and more recent corpses in the water.

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