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Sky News: Notorious criminal nicknamed Charles Bronson has refused to be paroled

The court refused to release the notorious criminal, known by the nickname Charles Bronson, who is called Britain’s cruelest prisoner. On this subject informed news from heaven.

March 30 Parole Board (PARO) Britain refused to release Charles Arthur Salvador, 70, who has been in prison since 1999 and spent around 50 years behind bars due to numerous acts of violence. After reviewing the circumstances of his offenses and “the progress he has made in custody”, the board members concluded that El Salvador was not ready for release. The Council also did not recommend the transfer of El Salvador to a lenient open prison.

The day before this decision, El Salvador had sent an audio message to the editors of Sky News, in which he declared in particular: “I have never been a threat to society. I love people, just everyone, I love the whole world. I’m not a fucking terrorist, rapist or murderer. Who am I a danger to?

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How writing Daily Mail, Charles Arthur Salvador, born Michael Gordon Peterson was born in 1952. He first went to prison in 1974 for armed robbery. post Office. Then the offender received a seven-year sentence, which was, however, extended several times due to his constant attacks on prison staff and cellmates. El Salvador took hostages inside the prison walls ten times, and a total of 20 jailers suffered from his actions, for which he received fame as Britain’s cruelest prisoner. Nickname Charles Bronson salvador named after the famous American actor during a brief stint in 1986 when he attempted a career in punching. The following year, he was imprisoned again for robbery. In 1999, El Salvador was sentenced to life in prison for taking an art teacher hostage in prison.

Due to his aggressive behavior behind bars and his long incarceration, Salvador gained cult status. In 2008, the film “Bronson” was shot about the criminal, in which the main role was played by Tom Hardy.

The famous prisoner’s current attempt to obtain parole was already the seventh in recent years.

Previously reportedwhat in Nepal Freed from prison the legendary con man and serial killer Charles Sobraj, known by the nicknames of Serpent and Bikini Killer. He has been serving a life sentence since 2003.

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