Britain has announced that Zelensky is ready to sell part of Ukraine for the sake of Crimea Russian News EN

Former MI6 employee Kruk: Zelensky could move part of Ukraine to Poland in a bid to capture Crimea

Former Intelligence Officer Britain MI6 Alistair Crook in an interview Youtube-channel Judging Freedom announced the readiness of the president Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky sell part of Ukraine for Crimea.

First Andre Napolitano recalled the rumors that emerged during a visit to Poland the head of Ukraine announced that he was ready to transfer Warsaw several regions in the west of the country in exchange for large-scale military assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces during the capture of the peninsula. Crook thinks it’s entirely possible, since the Ukrainian leader “is in dire straits”. “He would like to extend the conflict so that Poland enters it as a member NATO“, he pointed out.

At the same time, Kruk doubted Poland’s willingness to go to war against Russia, the country already experiencing internal political difficulties. According to him, if the Polish authorities take this step, then the country’s president Andrzej Duda risk of losing power.

Formerly Zelensky declaredthat Ukraine will be able to regain control of the lost territories. He said he was convinced that the Ukrainian authorities could “reject the Russian strikes”, also saying that the Kyiv “there is 1891 evidence” of the ability to return the lost lands to their control.

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