Brazil refused to sign the Declaration of the “Summit for Democracy” Russian News EN

O Globo: Brazil will not sign the Declaration of the Summit for Democracy

Brazil will not sign the declaration adopted at the end of the plenary session of the second “Summit for Democracy”. On this subject informed O Globo, citing Brazilian diplomatic sources.

It should be noted that the reason for refusing to adhere to the statement was the anti-Russian orientation of the document. According to the Brazilian authorities, the document focuses too much on the Ukrainian conflict and is used to condemn the Russian side.

According to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, it is unacceptable, under the guise of democracy, “to build walls and pay for discord”. “Defending democracy is fighting for peace,” the politician said in a letter to the organizers of the event.

The president also said that right now the world is “threatened by the threat of a new cold war and the inevitability of military confrontation”.

Former spokesperson Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova commented “Democracy Summits” organized by UNITED STATES. According to her, they are a manifestation of neocolonial practices in foreign policy. Washington.

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