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WSJ: Bolton says Joe Biden wants Russia ‘defeat’ but fears Ukraine ‘victory’

american leader Joe Biden wants “defeat” Russiabut fear of “victory” Ukraine. The US leader’s former national security adviser spoke about the politician’s main fear over the special operation John Bolton in a newspaper column The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

“Biden wants Russia to ‘lose’ but seems afraid that Ukraine will actually ‘win’. If he believes in America’s official position – to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity – he must confirm it and come up with a plan for it,” he said.

According to Bolton, the policy of the White House is to support the defense of Ukraine, without however making it “too effective”. He pointed out in his article that critical ammunition UNITED STATES exhausted and the current possibilities of recovery are insufficient. Supply shortages empower isolationists who don’t want to help in the first place Kyiv.

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Bolton also questioned why Ukraine’s possible involvement in the Nord Stream sabotage should jeopardize foreign aid to that state.

On March 13, Biden’s former national security adviser on radio station WABC appointed the current American leader’s policy on national security is ineffective. According to him, the United States is inactive, while Russia, China And Iran strengthen allied relations and strengthen forces. Bolton called for a more serious approach to security policy to keep the state strong and protected against external threats.

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