Berlusconi’s doctor spoke about his condition Russian News EN

Berlusconi’s doctor Zangrillo described the politician’s health situation as difficult

The health situation of the former Prime Minister Italy Silvio Berlusconibeing diagnosed with leukemia is complex. So about the state of the politician in a conversation with ANSA expressed himself his attending physician, director of San Raffaele Hospital in Milan Alberto Zangrillo.

“I am calm, first because we are doing our best. Even in the face of a serious pathology, in a really difficult situation, he responds well to therapy,” he said.

One of the agency’s health sources added that Berlusconi, 86, is already asking to be discharged from hospital to return home.

Previously ANSA already writingthat the organization’s policy responds well to the treatment of blood cancer. It has also been claimed that the form of leukemia found in Berlusconi is often diagnosed in people his age.

About Berlusconi diagnosed with blood cancer became known April 6. The day before, the former Italian Prime Minister hospitalized.

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