Belarus offered subsidies to Russian airlines for flights to Minsk Russian News EN

Belarus has offered subsidies to Russian airlines for flights to Minsk from Russian regions

Authorities Belarus study the possibility of providing subsidies and benefits to Russian airlines that are ready to organize direct flights to Minsk Russian regions. This was announced by the Ambassador of the Republic in Moscow Dmitry Krutoy in an interview TV channel “Belarus-1”.

According to Krutoy, the issue of possible subsidies is being discussed in the first stage. The program will consist of three components: a Russian regional subsidy, Belarusian benefits for air navigation and other services at the Minsk national airport – which the country can provide – and “a certain element of subsidies within the framework of aids financial Ministry of transportationincluding budgetary”, underlined the ambassador.

Krutoy noted that “everything has to be very well calculated”. According to the diplomat, the Belarusian airline “Belavia” “given the number of boards and priority loading in Moscow, Saint PETERSBOURG, Sochi, Yekaterinburg And Kazan cannot be further physically dispersed to other regions [РФ]”.

The task is to establish direct flights with all 16 Russian cities with one million inhabitants, the ambassador said. “The next priority is Novosibirsk. It is the third largest city in Russia. In fact, an aviation hub in Siberia,” Krutoy concluded.

Previously reportedthat national airlines plan to double the number of flights in Russia during the summer schedule of 2023.

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