At Danila Poperechny’s concert in Tashkent, the microphone was turned off every time he spoke about Putin and the war

Russian comedian Danila Poperechny said the organizers of her concert in Tashkent censored part of her performance “when the joke or the topic was at least indirectly related to the current agenda”. About this he said on Instagram.

“They even independently cut a joke from the concert opener without a deal, where there was just the word ‘Russia.’ local orders. I felt at home,” Poperechny wrote after the March 14 concert.

Tashkent edition of reportedthat, according to eyewitnesses, the microphone was turned off when Poperechny spoke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin and politics. One of the spectators of the concert said in the comments of the news “” that he saw how “people from the authorities in civilian clothes” took away people from the concert who shouted “Glory to Ukraine! ” and advocates an end to the war.

Danila Poperechny apologized to the public and said he was ready to return the money for the tickets.

Danila Poperechny after the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, like some other Russian artists, LEFT From Russia. Transverse spoke out against the war and published in social networks 18-minute video about his attitude to what is happening, but later deleted at the request of Roskomnadzor.

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