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Military expert Dandykin: the military potential of the European Union has been significantly weakened due to deliveries to Ukraine

The military potential of the European Union (EU) has been greatly weakened due to the numerous arms deliveries to Ukraine. This is how the captain of the first rank of the reserve, military expert Vasily Dandykin, assessed the consequences for the EU in an interview with

“The stocks of shells and weapons have seriously diminished even in the United States of America, and even more so in the European Union. Because they (European Union countries – approximately. “”) after the collapse of the USSR, they did not build up large stocks, ”said the interlocutor of

In the European Union, there are now big problems with shells, and with tanks, which are beginning to be transferred to Ukraine, and with other types of weapons. And most importantly, it is not so easy to shake up the military economy – it will not even take months, but years.

Vasily Dandykinmilitary specialist

Previously, we realized that some countries of the European Union, including Estonia, research to include in the EU summit declaration the obligation to supply Ukraine with one million shells by the end of 2023.

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Early March appeared reports that the European Commission (EC) wants to increase the production of ammunition for the Ukrainian army and increase their supply. These included 155 mm caliber artillery shells. Spiegel said specific decisions should be taken at the EU summit in Brussels on March 23-24.

At the end of February, the New York Times writingthat Europe is facing problems in supplying Western tanks to Ukraine. In particular, Finland did not send Leopard tanks to kyiv, but three mine clearance vehicles based on the Leopard 2. Sweden offered only about ten combat vehicles.

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