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Andrey Vorobyov checked the construction of an extension to school No. 14 in Dolgoprudny

Governor the Moscow region Andrei Vorobiev during a work visit Dolgoprudny I checked at what stage of construction is the school extension of school No. 14 of the Central microdistrict.

Today, with a capacity of 725 places, more than 1,600 children study there. The extension will solve the problem.

“In December 2021, the mother of a pupil of the 14th school, Svetlana Konoshevich, brought up the problem during a personal meeting. We are here today to make sure that the work continues, and the new building for 300 people this year will unload the main building, bring more children to the first shift and open new activities and extracurricular circles. In accordance with the state program, the deadline is 2024, but together with the contractor we will try to put the facility into operation earlier than planned – this fall,” Vorobyov said.

The school was built in 2017. It is included in the top 100 of the best in the Moscow region. More than 80 percent of the staff are teachers of the highest and first category.

“The extension is vital for us. This, of course, is the elimination of the second quarter, the active development of additional education. We assume that the two buildings will be occupied in the second part of the day in all areas: sports sections, and creative activities, theatrical activities. The Big Student Council will also be present,” said school principal Maria Metzger.

Construction of the extension began in August 2021, along with another 25 schools in the Moscow region.

“It is important for us that in Dolgoprudny, a district with a unique scientific and educational potential, education at all levels is at a decent level. This year, we are fully launching a natural sciences cluster based on the Fiztech Lyceum. Kapitsa and we are completing a 550-place school in the Central microdistrict. In 2025, we will hand over a large extension of 1,500 places to school n°7. Residents are waiting for each of these facilities, so it is necessary to keep up the pace, ”said Andrey Vorobyov.

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