An earthquake has occurred in Papua New Guinea Russian News EN

US seismologists recorded a 4.8 magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea

In the territory Papua New Guinea recorded an earthquake of magnitude 4.8. About what happened reported Geological Service seismologists UNITED STATES.

Tremors were recorded 55.6 kilometers northwest of the city of Ambunti, about 2.5 thousand people live there. The source of the earthquake was at a depth of 97 kilometers. No casualties or damage were reported.

March 28 at Japan fixed earthquake of magnitude 6.0. The tremors were recorded in the Pacific Ocean off the southern coast of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, 197 kilometers east-southeast of the city of Hakodate. The hearth was at a depth of 20 kilometers under water.

March 23 in the northern part Tajikistan arrived earthquake of magnitude 5.1, which affected five villages. The earthquake affected 720 households and killed more than 120 head of cattle and small livestock.

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