An African country has introduced a visa-free regime for Russian tourists Russian News EN

Mozambique’s Council of Ministers introduced a visa-free regime for tourists from Russia from March 14

Council of Ministers mozambique from March 14 introduced a visa-free regime for tourists with a low risk of illegal immigration from 28 countries, including Russia. This is reported on to place Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic.

Now Russians can stay in the African resort country for up to 30 days with the possibility of an extension for another 60 days. To participate, travelers must register on the online platform at least 48 hours before arrival and pay the fee.

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In addition, entry permits will no longer be required for tourists from Belgium, Britain, Ghana, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Canada, ChinaIvory Coast, The Netherlands, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, UNITED STATES, Ukraine, Finland, France, Swiss, Sweden, South Korea And Japan.

Previously became knownthat Russia is preparing visa facilitation agreements on a reciprocal basis with six countries. The drafting of documents is carried out with Angola, VietnamIndia, Indonesia, Syria And Philippines.

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