Amsterdam prostitutes protest over deportation of drunken tourists Russian News EN

In Amsterdam, prostitutes will organize a demonstration against the authorities’ decision to expel tourists

IN amsterdam the prostitutes decided to hold a protest due to the city authorities’ decision to evict drunk tourists who hold loud parties. This is reported Daily mail.

The event is expected to take place in late March or early April. sex workers in The Netherlands intend to defend tourists who come to the country to have fun.

According to the source, state authorities have launched a “Stay Away” campaign to attract “quality” tourists instead of those who visit the capital for sex and drugs. These included British travelers who often travel to Amsterdam to see Red light districtand are known for their drinking habits.

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As part of the campaign, the city’s tourism authorities have released advertisements urging foreigners who want to try legal drugs to stop traveling to Amsterdam. The video showed a tourist who was arrested by police after the party, following which he was fined.

Formerly an experienced flight attendant for one of the UK’s major airlines appointed The British are the nation with the most aggressive behavior on board an aircraft. Flight attendant Christina Galvidite said British passengers always behaved rudely and drank heavily before the flight and on board.

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