Americans demanded peace from Biden in Ukraine on anniversary of Iraq invasion Russian News FR

In the United States demanded peace in Ukraine from Biden during a rally on the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

Several hundred Americans gathered outside the walls of the White House for a rally, which was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the US military invasion of Iraq. Most of the demonstrators brought with them flags and posters with anti-war slogans. In particular, the demonstrators appealed to the President UNITED STATES Joe Biden and demanded to make peace Ukrainereports the correspondent RIA News.

Protesters began gathering in the main administration building in the afternoon. Some citizens brought children. The main slogans were “Peace in Ukraine – say NO to endless American wars” and “Fund the needs of the people, not the military machine”. According to the protesters, they are trying to draw the attention of US officials to “the danger of starting a world war, which involves the country’s foreign policy of the past decades”.

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Some protesters demand the White House stop sending weapons and funding Kyivand eliminate the others NATO, “end militarism and years of US sanctions policies”. Some demonstrators are calling for the lifting of restrictive measures against Syriaas well as “addressing racism and the problems of Americans, not other peoples”.

At one point, rally attendees pulled out several mannequins from wooden coffins wrapped in national flags. This is how the demonstrators evoke the victims of the foreign policy of the United States, suffered both by the Americans themselves and by other peoples.

Americans carried with them many flags, banners, beat drums and sang songs with political demands. The police did not try to arrest them.

March 20 marks the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq under the guise of fighting international terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. These actions took place without authorization. UN Security Council. Russiain particular, opposed its implementation.

Deputy of March 18 European Parliament (EP) of Ireland Mick Wallace declaredthat, while condemning Russia for a special operation in Ukraine, the West should remember the illegal actions of the United States in other countries, especially in Iraq. He stressed that anyone who committed a war crime must be held accountable.

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