Alleged timeline for Pentagon data leak investigation revealed Russian News EN

CNN: Pentagon leak investigation could take months

Investigation into the leak of classified documents Pentagon can take several months. IN UNITED STATES believe that too many people have access to confidential information. The estimated terms of the investigation into the incident revealed the source of the television channel CNN.

As noted, the investigation into the incident in the United States is “beginning to take shape.”

“The interagency investigation is being led by the Pentagon’s Office of Intelligence and Security…it could take months,” the reporters said.

At the same time, the Pentagon does not plan to focus on the source of the leak, but will investigate how secret documents are distributed within the department. Specialists wonder if the list of those who have access to information on a daily basis should be modified.

“Too many people have access to very sensitive information,” an unnamed US official said.

On April 11, it was reported that the Pentagon form a special team that will investigate the leak of classified information. The purpose of the gathered specialists is to study how exactly the alleged documents were leaked. It is important for the United States because Washington seeks to contain the diplomatic consequences.

On the same day, Department of Defense spokesman Chris Meagher warnedthat leaking secret US documents on the Internet could result in death. Meagher believes that the consequences of these leaks could be significant and even deadly for US intelligence whistleblowers.

On April 7, we learned of the leak of secret Pentagon documents on the Ukrainian conflict. In the materials content information on the state of the armed forces Ukraine and the American plans and NATO strengthen the Ukrainian army.

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