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Bezymianny in Kamchatka ejected ash cloud 12,000 meters high, says Russian air regulator

Planes have been urged to revise their flight routes due to a powerful volcanic eruption in Russia’s far eastern Kamchatka peninsula, according to a statement from the Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, released on Saturday.

Rosaviatsiya said that on Friday morning, the Bezymianny volcano, located in the eastern part of the peninsula and considered one of the most active in the region, erupted with a 12,000-meter column of ash, which then began to drift southeast.

The eruption was assigned the maximum danger code “red” according to the scale of the International Civil Aviation Organization, Rosaviatsiya said, warning that “Volcanic activity poses a hazard to domestic and international flights.”

To ensure that air travel is safe, Russian flight authorities have issued the so-called notice to airmen requiring them to “taking into account the particularities of this natural phenomenon” And “suggest using alternate routes” flying over this part of Russia.

The agency also noted that Russian aviation authorities had secured the passage of 23 planes from China, India and other South Asian countries to or from North America.

In total, Bezymianny ejected four ash plumes on Friday, leading the area’s emergency services to issue an alert for local residents and tourists. Authorities warned against visiting the nearby Bezymianny and Shiveluch volcanoes, and advised visitors not to approach the mountains within 25 kilometers, while noting that ash eruptions could reach heights of 15. 000 meters.

The Kamchatka Peninsula is home to a large volcanic group, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist destination. Eruptions are considered an ordinary event and they rarely cause serious damage.

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