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Daily Mail: Defenders of the famous big cat have stopped his abduction

Residents of the Polish town of Szczecin have foiled an attempted kidnapping of a big cat named Gacek, which has earned the status of a local tourist attraction. On this subject informed Daily mail.

A woman has been caught on surveillance footage trying to steal a six-year-old black and white cat who has become a celebrity. Gacek fled and hid under a nearby car. The failed kidnapper got into a taxi. Animal handlers posted a message saying a trusted person had noticed the suspicious woman’s actions and the attempted abduction had been prevented. “We strongly advise against such attempts. Gacek is watched by cameras and his human friends, so we hope there will be no more attempts to implement such stupid ideas as this,” the chat’s defenders said.

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Now local councilor Patrik Jaskulski has released an open letter urging the town’s mayor to make Gacek a stray cat ambassador. Jaskulski noted that by law, the ownership of these animals is the state treasury and the obligation to care for them rests with the community.

Gacek rose to global stardom after receiving a five-point rating on Google some tourists. The cat was nicknamed “King of Kashubian” after the name of the street where he lives. The animal’s rating has surpassed that of the city’s traditional tourist attractions, which include the Philharmonic Hall, Stettin Castle and a network of underground tunnels dating back to World War II. Visitors have described Gacek as a “rock star”, “the king of the city”, “the greatest of all time” and “the city icon”. Local stores have even started selling bags with her picture on them.

Currently, the cat has collected more than three thousand reviews on Google. “Best cat, very good boy, 100% recommend 10/10,” wrote one user. “Best thing I’ve ever seen,” said another reviewer. “Amazing. Exciting. Beautiful. Revolutionary. 10/10,” another user commented in the review.

Meanwhile, the city’s animal shelter has expressed concern over Gacek’s growing weight. Shelter staff attributed the weight gain to the generosity of bystanders who constantly treat the cat to treats. They urged supporters to stop feeding the animal and place treats in the basket provided so they can control the amount of food they eat.

Previously reportedthat a resident Canada revealed on TikTok that she met her cat lookalike and accidentally kidnapped him. Later, she pulled the animal out of her car in hopes that the cat would find its own way.

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