A tourist filmed a bedroom with a toilet at the head of the bed and became an internet star Russian News EN

A Chinese tourist showed on video the furniture of a room in Zhengzhou with a toilet near the bed

A Chinese blogger showed off a small room in a hotel in Zhengzhou in a video and became famous online. Noticed the viral video Telegram-channel “Roof of TurDoma”.

The tourist filmed the furniture of a hotel room, where a night costs 60 yuan (672 rubles). So, in a small room, put a bed, a sink and a toilet – while the latter are 10 centimeters from the head of the bed. In the video, the man-turned-network star showed he could wash up immediately after waking up, without even getting out of bed.

In addition, the bedroom has a window with a windowsill, where there is a small kettle and a small mirror above the sink. In addition, a towel dryer and air conditioning are hung on the wall. There are several hooks for the guest’s belongings, and there is also a catch.

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