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Test pilot Andronov: Su-27 could knock down an American drone with airflow

The Russian Su-27 could knock down an American MQ-9 drone with an air current, said Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces (AF), test pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation Anatoly Andronov. His words son News.ru.

“Americans in their video graphics, of course, are wiser. “Drying” and without any spillage of fuel quite calmly, with a simple maneuver, is able to overturn such a device, since this type of aircraft is followed by a huge drag, ”said the pilot.

According to him, the following situation could occur. The American drone flew at low speed, and the Su-27 maneuvered in front of it and shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with an air current.

On March 14, Western media broadcast a message about a collision between an American drone and a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea. Later in the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmedthat an American-made MQ-9 drone fell into the Black Sea.

The military department reported that the drone flew with turned off transponders and violated the limits of the zone of the airspace utilization regime in the Crimean Peninsula region. The UAV was moving in the direction of the Russian state border.

The Russian fighters raised to intercept did not come into contact with the drone, they did not use weapons. According to the Ministry of Defense, the drone began to maneuver abruptly, lost control and fell into the water. Aerospace forces planes returned safely to their base airfield.

In turn, the commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa, General James Hecker accused Russia in the deliberate destruction of the drone. According to him, the MQ-9 was performing a routine operation in international airspace, and the Russian aircraft performing the escort hit it, due to which the drone was irretrievably lost.

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