A Russian student found a new way to extract rare earth metals: Achievements: My country: Lenta.ru

A FEFU student proposed a simplified method for the extraction of rare earth metals

A Russian student from the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) has developed a new way to extract rare earth metals using microorganisms. On Wednesday, March 15, reports Interfax with reference to the university’s press service.

“Some micro-organisms are able to secrete acids which put metals in solution. In a way, microorganisms replace expensive equipment and do all the work themselves – they just need to be provided with suitable conditions, ”explained Yulia Ryseva, the author of the development.

She noted that the method she proposed would make the metal extraction process less expensive. In addition, this technology is safer from the point of view of environmental risks, since it does not involve the use of aggressive acids and the use of high temperatures.

Earlier in March reportedthat scientists from Penza State University (PSU) have created a device that allows an express assessment of the condition of the oral cavity and detects periodontitis at an early stage.

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