A prisoner of war from the Ukrainian Armed Forces spoke about Ukraine’s attitude towards its fighters: Ukraine: Former USSR: Lenta.ru

Captured Ukrainian soldier Ganzhal says his country doesn’t need him

Yevhen Ganzhala, Ukrainian soldier, intelligence officer of the 36th Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, captured by Russia under Mariupol in April 2022, spoke about his country’s attitude towards the fighters. According to him, it was not necessary Ukrainewriting RIA News.

“The patriotism is already slowly starting to fade, because we have been in captivity for a year, and nothing has even been said about us, nobody knows us,” he said.

According to the army, Ukraine does not care about the army. Additionally, Ganzhala admitted that in the past he was a member of social media groups that recruited young people to join national battalions. The fighter also applied nationalist tattoos on his body, but now he regrets it. In addition, Ganzhala noted that he decided not to serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine any longer.

“After returning to Ukraine, no one returns to the front line. We are retiring. I will try to quit for health reasons,” the prisoner of war stressed.

On April 3, a captured soldier from the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces saidthat his unit had not received the promised British Challenger main battle tanks. According to the prisoner, in February the Ukrainian command promised to deliver British equipment in March, but in the end no one received it.

March 29 prisoner of war Kharkiv Alexander Fedorov confessedWhat Kyiv as part of the mobilization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he began to use the service of open drug addicts, including those with criminal records under “drugs” articles. According to him, there are many dependent people among the Ukrainian military.

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