A new digital art object has appeared in Zaryadye Park: Moscow: Russia: Lenta.ru

Zaryadye opens Infinite Present digital art object

On March 15, the digital art object “Infinite Present” was unveiled on the dome of Zaryadye’s flagship tourist information center. It is a visual projection of the clock, which transforms every second, changing color and shape. The image of the object modifies the neural network using generative graphics, based on the mechanism of the clock.

“Tourist information centre Moscow in Zaryadye has become an important part of the city’s infrastructure. Today, the center has become a digital art object. It reflects the life of our capital because we are in constant motion. Every day, every minute and every second something changes in the life of our city. As you know, Moscow is the city of the future, and the exhibition we see today continues this trend,” said Irina Shilkina, head of the tourism department of the Moscow Tourism Committee.

The team of the multifunctional platform Masters Digital, known for its digital art gallery, participated in the creation of the art object. The “Infinite Present” installation will remain on the dome of the tourist office for several months – then a new art object from the Tourism Committee and the Digital Master will be placed there. Also, as part of the center’s action, it will be possible to learn about digital art, metauniverses and digital avatars.

“Media artist Anastasia Skabelkina talks about the fluidity of time and appears as a digital avatar. It presents seven philosophical concepts that change depending on the day of the week. Each day is divided into four scenarios – morning, afternoon, evening and night. Using generative graphics, an image is formed on the dome that changes every second,” said Polina Bondareva, founder of the Masters Digital school and curator of the exhibition, about the object.

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