A monument to the young Lenin was demolished in the children’s center of Odessa Russian News EN

Dumskaya: the last monument to young Lenin was dismantled in Odessa

IN Odessa demolished the last surviving monument to young Vladimir Lenin. On this subject reported Ukrainian edition “Dumskaya”.

“The last surviving monument to Lenin, located on the territory of the Fontana children’s camp, was demolished in Odessa,” the article reads. The monument was located on Kostandi Street on the territory of the children’s health center “Young Ship Repairman”. It is specified that the public body “Décommunisation. Ukraine“demanded to dismantle this statue, along with 14 other surviving monuments across the country, in January 2021.

In January 2021 in Ukraine demolished the country’s last monument to the organizer of the October Revolution, Vladimir Lenin. Then the activist of the movement “Decommunization. Ukraine” Vadim Pozdnyakov noted that there is not a single monument to the revolutionary in the country, except for those located on private or uncontrolled land. Kyiv territories.

Since May 2015, a law on decommunization has been in force in Ukraine. It provides for the prohibition of the use of Soviet symbols, the condemnation of the communist regime of the USSR and the opening of the archives of the Soviet special services available in the country. As part of the implementation of the law, cities and streets are renamed and monuments to Soviet leaders and personalities are dismantled.

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