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In the United States, a man lived near a decomposing body and committed suicide when the police arrived

In the United States, a man lived for several months in the same house with a decomposing body. On this subject informed KTRKTV.

His neighbor called the police and asked to check if everything was in order when he noticed unusually large flies swarming in the garden. Officers who arrived on call also drew attention to the flies and stench, which attracted insects.

No one answered calls or knocked on the door. Then the police opened the door and immediately heard the sound of a gunshot. While searching the house, they found a dead man with a gunshot wound in the bedroom. He allegedly committed suicide when he realized the police had arrived. He was around 60 years old.

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In another room, the police found another body belonging to a man at least 60 years old. Judging by the degree of decomposition, it lay there for several months.

If you’ve ever seen a rat die between walls, you know what a terrible smell it is. As soon as they opened the door and the wind blew towards our house, we immediately knew something bad had happened.

Linda Meadowsneighbor of the dead

Neighbors said that the inhabitants of the house led an isolated life and hardly communicated with anyone.

Previously reported about an American woman who found the mummified body of her husband, who had disappeared eight months earlier, in the pantry. Police concluded that the man committed suicide.

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