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The Sun: a huge spider hid in a bunch of bananas and scared a man

Resident of the city of Windsor, Britain, bought a bunch of bananas from a Tesco supermarket and found a huge crab spider inside. On this subject informed The sun.

Craig Harrison, 35, was shocked when he tried to eat a store-bought banana and found a giant female crab spider hiding in a pile of fruit. Frightened, the man took a step back and lost his balance. After calming down, the Briton grabbed the spider, put it in a plastic container and sent it to Tesco’s pest control department. They confirmed that the arthropod that scared the man came from Dominican Republic.

zoological society London identified the individual as a giant crab spider: members of this species often hide in bananas. Its bite is poisonous, but not fatal to humans, although it can cause heart palpitations, vomiting, and headaches.

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Supplier Tesco promised to step up product checks, while supermarket officials apologized and offered Harrison £100 (10,200 rubles) in compensation. The man was not satisfied with this sum. He said the spider could have bitten him, protecting the offspring.

The largest giant crab spider has been found in a cave in Laos. Its diameter was about 30 centimeters. Ordinary individuals are about half their size. Each spider’s pouch can hold up to 200 eggs.

Previously reportedthat a resident of the Australian city of Cairns lived for a year in a house where a huge spider ended up. Despite the initial shock, the Australian children got used to the arthropod that crawls around the house and named it Charlotte.

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