A Lithuanian diplomat came to Vladivostok for a city tour: Baltic States: Former USSR: Lenta.ru

Counselor of the Lithuanian Embassy in the Russian Federation Labutis arrived in Vladivostok to walk around the city

Embassy Counselor Lithuania V Russia Ugnius Labutis came Vladivostok. The purpose of his visit he calls a walk around the city. This is reported RIA News.

In conversation with reporters, Labutis said he came to see the city as a private person; no official meetings were scheduled during his stay in Vladivostok. Asked by the agency whether he had come to Vladivostok as an adviser to the Lithuanian embassy, ​​the diplomat did not answer.

Labutis was greeted by activists with posters expressing their attitude towards Lithuania’s politics and the Baltic country’s arms supply Kyiv. This country supports them, sends weapons, sends ammunition,” said one. Commenting on this welcome in the seaside town, Labutis said that everyone can give their opinion.

This is the second visit by foreign diplomats to Vladivostok in the past two weeks. In early March, it was reported that an ambassador had arrived in the city Britain in Russia, Deborah Bronnert, but she had no official meeting with the authorities here.

Previously reportedthat an Iraqi diplomat was robbed Vnukovo Airport. a 51-year-old woman who works as the embassy’s third secretary Iraq in Russia. stole money, bank cards and official ID.

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