A former US intelligence officer predicted a large-scale withdrawal of the Ukrainian army Russian News EN

Former US intelligence officer Shaffer said that after the defeat at Artemovsk, the Ukrainian armed forces will retreat to the Dnieper

After the defeat of Artemovsk, the armed forces Ukraine (AFU) can withdraw to the Dnieper. Such an opinion in an interview with journalist Stephen Gardner Express former armed forces intelligence officer UNITED STATES Tony Shafer.

He pointed out that Kyiv manages its troops and resources so poorly that Ukrainian units will not be able to regroup and continue the defense. “Zelensky continues to throw soldiers unnecessarily into the Bakhmut cauldron,” the expert noted, noting that the units formed for the second and third lines of defense were already on the ground in the Artemovsk region.

Shaffer suggested. that after Artemovsk comes under the control of Russian troops, a full-scale retreat of the Ukrainian armed forces will begin, “since nothing else can stop the Russians”.

Formerly Shaffer declaredthis APU without direct intervention NATO will soon lose in a conflict with Russia. “The Ukrainians will not be able to win in the battle either [за Артемовск], nor in a protracted war without additional ground forces from outside – American or NATO,” the officer said. He noted that his predictions are based on real facts, not the agenda promoted by Pentagon and Kyiv.

March 17 Adviser to the Acting Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Jean Gagin declaredthat Russian forces control up to 70% of the territory of Artemovsk. Previously, the acting head of the DPR Denis Pushilin spoke of the systematic progress of the Russian army to complete control of the city.

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