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Actor Vladimir Steklov called the minuses of Moscow a large number of garages and dirt

Famous Russian actor Vladimir Steklov admitted that in Moscow he is annoyed by the large number of garages and the lack of grooming. He spoke about the capital’s shortcomings in an interview with the publication “Moskvitch Mag”.

The actor said he moved to the capital in 1981 after being noticed on tour at the Maly Theatre. He noted that during the Soviet years, the presence of a residence permit in Moscow played an important role, opening up opportunities for living and working in the city. “Many of those who were called limits came from the provinces. But now, if you have material support, you can buy an apartment in Moscow and live and work here. Then everything was decided only by the recording element. It was dull and painful, sometimes hands fell off, it was hard to get out of it, ”Steklov shared in his recollections.

According to the actor, at first he did not live in the city center. A hostel was located next to the theater where he was invited to work, but due to the fact that he had a family, they could not settle there. “Very good and nice people – Muscovites were incredibly nice to me and helped my family to live quite comfortably here for the first season,” Steklov noted. He added that it is now difficult to say what exactly distinguishes a Muscovite from a resident of other cities.

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Among his favorite areas, Steklov singled out Arbat and the Patriarch’s Ponds, where he lived for a long time. As for the disadvantages of the city, the artist named the dirt that cars bring to the city and the lack of grooming as one of them. Steklov proposed to set up “sanitary posts” at the entrances to Moscow, so that cars with dirty wheels would not be allowed in the city center.

Other shortcomings of Moscow for Steklov are garages and “shell” parking lots in yards. “I am especially disgusted by garages, one name only, those rusty metal boxes, which, as a rule, are located along the railway tracks. And no matter what airport you go to, you see all of this and you think when this disgusting sight will go away. They are all ugly, occupy huge areas. And a special abomination is those so-called shells in the yards. They refer to the fact that they are intended for the beneficiaries. Maybe, but I don’t think we have that many veterans. But I can’t take it anymore, I’m for civilized car parks: multi-storey, underground, whatever, as long as it’s not that ugly. At the location of these squares, lawns and play areas could be developed”, he is convinced. The artist wanted Moscow authorities and other cities “ruthlessly destroy this mud”.

In February, the director Vladimir Kott compared with fill the development of Moscow with hell. He said he would prefer to stop all new construction in the city, if given the chance.

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